Sunday, 2 January 2011

New this year...

After 25 years, Tom and Steve have retired. But don't worry... the Moose Run legacy will continue. Residents of Eastern Passage & Cow Bay have pledged to keep the tradition alive. Mat Sabinski is the new race director and he has a core group of community members helping him behind the scenes. 

The Moose Run will remain a free event, but donations are appreciated to help offset costs. 100% of money raised will cover costs of post-race food and remaining money will be donated community to not-for-profit groups.

Quick Facts


All runners.


25K route (out-and-back). You can run the route solo, but 3-person relay teams are encouraged. If the hills don't make you gasp, then the scenery definitely will.


Buffalo Club, 625 Cow Bay Road, Eastern Passage


Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 10:00 am


It's "pay-what-you-can" and there is tasty hot food at the end!!!


Race co-ordinators will be set-up inside the the Buffalo Club at 8:30am for race day registration.

Race Rules

#1) Have Fun!
#2) See Rule #1


Positions and times will be recorded, but there will be no awards for the front runners. However, all participants will be eligible to win one of several draw prizes.


This race is free, but donations are appreciated to offset costs.


The Moose

A majority of locals aren't even sure why we have The Moose in Cow Bay, but it's definitely a landmark known beyond the borders of our small community. Tell someone that you live in Cow Bay, the first question they usually ask is: Do you live near The Moose?

If you've never paid homage to The Moose, he's located in a small park on Cow Bay Road (near the causeway), it's is a great place to picnic, park and watch waves roll in or surf!